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Who We Are….

Building Better Lives Manpower Services International, Inc. (BBLMS) is a licensed recruitment and placement agency by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency of the Department of Labor and Employment of the Republic of the Philippines.

BBLMS is solely dedicated to reliably sourcing and supplying needed non-skilled, skilled, technical and professional manpower worldwide. The Headquarter is strategically located in the Commercial Business District in the City of Makati. Through a course of planned growth, BBL will be expanding its operations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia for its global market.

BBLMS pursues a policy of sourcing directly the required manpower and working closely with its Client; thus, solidifying the relationship and adding portfolio of long term business relationship.

"BUILDING BETTER LIVES (BBL) MANPOWER SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, INC. was established in 2009, and drawing upon the sole proprietor's years of experience in major recruitment business, with the industry-expert, professional, highly-qualified and dynamic staff, we are confident that we can provide your organization with your required Filipino manpower. As our name connotes, our organization's primary goal is to BUILD BETTER LIVES for our Filipino workers. Our guiding principle therefore, is to seek the best possible terms and working conditions for our workers without necessarily disregarding the rights and prerogatives of our foreign principals. This goal can only be achieved by sourcing qualified, competent, trained and experienced workers whose skills are appropriate for the job ordered by the Principals. All for the realization of our goal and vision to BUILD BETTER LIVES for everyone - This is our commitment to our clients."

BBLMS is the latest company of its officers who have a combined cumulative experience of over 30 years in the recruitment and placement industry; a TEAM of practicing lawyer and an engineer back by highly professional staff will make BBLMS continue to earn its reputation in the global market.

Who We Serve…

BBLMS provides manpower to its customer base consisting of ultimate Clientele, pursuing the same philosophy of getting the same services. We are currently providing skilled and technical manpower requirement for U.S. based construction companies in U.S. Trust territories, the Middle East and Asia.

BBLMS understands the commitment to provide dependable, highly efficient and experienced workers in the ever changing requirement of highly skilled and professional workers. With this, we are committed to excellence in providing fast and efficient service to our Clients.

BBLMS is further committed to providing a "one stop shop" for manpower requirement. We are continuously providing pool of manpower for immediate deployment. In this way, we are better able to serve a consistent and highly reliable service.

BBLMS is ready and able to provide Clientele to the Middle East, Europe and Asia with fast, reliable and excellent services for any manpower needs.

What We Provide…

BBLMS provides highly screened and experienced manpower. We conduct thorough screening and testing of skills in the course of theory and practice. In addition, moral values and state of mental health are also highly considered.

With this, BBLMS is ready and committed to provide the Client with excellent manpower in any field of industry.

BBLMS PROVIDES Professionals, Skilled /Low Skilled and Household Services Workers
(Some of the below pictures feature deployed workers of BBLMS)